• Apple 15 lightning coaxial cable production process sharing

    Interface innovation is an opportunity with strong certainty in the field of consumer electronics. Compared with Lightning, the interface standard currently used by Apple on the iPhone, USB Type-C has obvious advantages in terms of cost, fast charging, and compatibility, while E-Marker The introd...
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  • Fiber optic Ethernet is here

    It is an indisputable fact that optics are widely used in automobiles. Optical devices are blooming everywhere in cars and leading the future. Whether it’s car lighting, interior ambient lighting, optical imaging, LiDAR, or fiber optic network.   For higher speeds, cars require data t...
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  • Standards and categories of Cat network cables

    In the field of network communication, when it comes to Ethernet cables, it is often mentioned that there are super five types of network cables, six types of network cables, and seven types of network cables. In recent years, Cat8 Class 8 network cables have also been more mentioned. The latest ...
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  • Local intelligent manufacturing

      Local intelligent manufacturing, worry free production capacity. At this exhibition, 100% of the high and low voltage connection products displayed by TE are produced locally, reflecting the high level of production and operation, structural design, capacity configuration, process managem...
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  • Volkswagen Group and Polestar choose Tesla charging connector

    From 2025, Tesla’s North American charging standard (or NACS) connector will be available at all new and existing charging stations together with CCS connectors. Volkswagen did this to “support car manufacturers to add NACS charging ports at the same time”, because several car ...
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  • Batteries become important carriers

    In order to achieve super fast charging, the battery, the most important carrier in the charging process, also needs to be adjusted. The fast charging of the battery mainly depends on the charging and discharge magnification of the battery. There are three main reasons for affecting the charging ...
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  • Tesla super power charge with fee service

    Tesla may not do traditional incentives, but this does not mean that it cannot come up with ways to attract customers other than price cuts. According to Tesla’s website, the company has been providing three months of free charging for the purchase of the Model 3 in stock on its Supercharge...
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  • Automotive Wire Harness

    What is the inconspicuous but important and influential part of a car? Tuokang believes the automotive wire harnesses and connectors are the first to bear the brunt. All the commands the driver sends to the car are transmitted through them .   What is the inconspicuous but important and infl...
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  • Propagation Delay and Delay Skew

    Propagation Delay and Delay Skew

    To several telecommunications professionals, concepts such as ‘propagation delay’ and ‘delay skew’ bring to mind painful memories of high school physics class. In reality, the effects of delay and delay skew on signal transmission are easily explained and understood. Delay...
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  • Digital China seen spurring economy

    In recent years, China has been accelerating the construction of digital infrastructure and a data resourcessystem, they noted. They made their comments after reviewing a related guideline that was jointly released by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council, China...
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  • Charge Your Light Anywhere with 12V Plug-in Power Receptacle from Light & Motion

    Tuokang Precision Electronics Co., Ltd., a high-tech company founded in 2009 and integrated R&D, production and sales, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest innovation – the Light & Motion. This device has been designed for convenience on location with an easy charging opt...
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  • New Product for the Consumer series

    New Product for the Consumer series

    New product for the consumer cables. which is new design from our team for the TPE Jacket with alloy shell and gold rings in middle. new popular in market. and overmold types, good blend and good flexbile when you are applicated it on power charging. we are selling on market very hot.
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